Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan

Organic, revealing conversation with fascinating, freaky folks.
Ever wanted to hang with a dominatrix, comedian, famous health guru, or Italian prince? Here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.

category: interview
tags: podcast, anthropology, sexuality, primatology, travel


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75 - Alec Dixon - (2:43:01) 74.63 MB
Get ready to geek out over this crazy conversation with Alec, who helps run one of the largest marijuana labs around. In addition to some seriously informative talk about the mysteries of one of the planet's most complex, useful plants, Alec tells us what it's like to lose 100 pounds, spend 85 days at sea in a submarine, and cruise under the North Pole in a hot rack. Join us, live (sort of) at Lompok Brewery's Hedge House in beautiful Portland. This episode is sponsored by: � Club W. Go to and get your first bottle of wine chosen just for you, on the house. � Use the code SUMMERSEX at checkout to get 20% off your entire order. � Enter SEX at checkout for a chance to get a free pair of this amazing men's underwear.

74 - Kevin Johnson - (1:28:42) 40.61 MB
Kevin invited us to a free float at the Zero Gravity Institute. It blew my mind—so much that I asked him to sit down and tell me his story. How's a guy become a float-tank guru? This episode sponsored by HelloFresh. Use code HELLOSPEAKING for $20 off your first order. Also sponsored by MyPakage. Enter SEX at checkout for a chance at a free pair. And Use SEX to get 10% off your web site.

73 - Josh Mohland (DogeCoin) - (1:40:54) 46.2 MB
Josh is founder and CEO of Wow Such Business, creators of the dogetipbot, which allows people to exchange DogeCoins on Reddit. We talk about BitCoin, DogeCoin, the future of banking, and the effects of the Internet on monetary policy. Wide-ranging and unexpected, to say the least. This episode is sponsored by Audible. Go to for a 30-day free trial and free audiobook of your choice. We're also sponsored by The world's best underwear for men. Use the code "sex" at check-out to get a free pair with your first order. And we're grateful for the support of, where you can scratch all your kinky and non-kinky itches. Use the code "SpringSex" at check-out for 20% off your entire order!

72 - Shrimp Parade (Rogan/Trussell) - (2:32:54) 69.99 MB
In this sixth episode in the Shrimp Parade series, we learn about Joe's grandmother's nasty monkey, Duncan's retreat into the wilds of Big Sur, and the distinction between penises that grow vs. show. Brought to you by: Enter "SpringSex" for a 20% discount. Get a free audiobook of your choice at And Underwear that loves your balls as much as you do! (Or the balls of someone you love.)

71 - Andrew Gurevich - (2:13:26) 61.08 MB
Professor of World Religions and World Literature, AG is a very smart dude. But he's much more than just another egg head. The path that brought him to an academic career began on Riker's Island and passed through many crazy, wild worlds before arriving at Mt. Hood Community College.

70 - Tucker Max - (1:42:06) 46.74 MB
Tucker Max famously declared himself an a$$hole. Whatever the veracity of that claim, he's undoubtedly very smart, very funny, and a savvy businessman. In this conversation—one of the first to be recorded in his Austin studio—Tucker talks about the long and winding road from trouble-making law student to mega bestselling author.

69 - Daniel Vitalis - (1:57:08) 53.62 MB
Happy May Day! Daniel Vitalis is all about rewilding the human species. He wants to go beyond food and exercise to deeper questions about what is the proper and natural way for us to live on this planet.

68 - John Durant - (1:17:11) 35.33 MB
Author of The Paleo Manifesto, pal of Steven Pinker, Harvard graduate, John Durant is also a really nice guy — much to my surprise and chagrin. We talk evolution, disgust, and the precise meaning of "virginity," among other things.

67 - Gone Shootin' with Duncan Trussell - (14:50) 13.59 MB
So this psychologist walks into a firing range with two comedians... Hanging out with Duncan, Joe Rogan, and some big guns.

66 - Arden Leigh - (1:23:33) 38.25 MB
Author, former go-go dancer and professional dominatrix, Arden Leigh has been around. We talk about sleep orgasms, the healing power of BDSM, seducing Sting's son, and compare the seduction styles of Northern vs. Southern European men.

65 - Pere Estupinya - (1:15:59) 34.79 MB
Pere is a science journalist who's not afraid to talk about taboo subjects. After finishing a PhD in biochemistry, he spent time at MIT and Harvard, finally deciding that he preferred writing/speaking about science to spending his life in labs. I met him in Puebla, Mexico.

64 - Cesare Romano - (1:18:37) 35.99 MB
Cesare is a professor of law at Loyola Law School, and an expert in international human rights. We discuss his amazing arrival in New York (punctuated by being offered $3 million by a stranger), cultures of bureaucracy vs. punitive lawsuits, European community vs. American "freedom," and why there are no curtains in Amsterdam's Red Light district.

63 - Jincey Lumpkin - (1:17:58) 35.7 MB
Jincey has been called, "the lesbian Hugh Hefner," and named one of the 100 most influential gay people by Out Magazine. We talk about the challenges of being an openly gay lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, whether female orgasm is faked in lesbian porn, and the proper way for a gentleman to pee in public.

62 - Conner Habib - (2:00:02) 54.95 MB
LA is black widow country! We talk about disaster tattoos, penis nicknames, Fabio, the dangers of professing certainty in evolutionary theory, how the NAZIs ruined legitimate branches of scientific inquiry, plant neurobiology, and what scientists can learn from historians—among other things.

56 - Ginger Norwood - (2:01:29) 55.61 MB
Ginger Norwood is exceptional in many ways. She's a bona-fide mathematical genius, the first woman to have taught at USC's School of Engineering, and she directed the project that designed and launched the first LandSat, a satellite that scans the Earth from orbit. I'm way out of my intellectual depth on this one.

61 - Gloria Mattioni - (1:38:23) 45.04 MB
Gloria is Daniele Bolelli's bad-ass mother. We talk about Gloria's fearless approach to motherhood, magical dreams, travel, and the ever-present mysteries of life.

60 - Daniele Bolelli Returns - (1:50:56) 50.79 MB
Daniele and I talk about Guatemalan death squads, the differences between strip clubs in the US and Europe, and his world travels with his mother, Gloria.

59 - Mary Roach - (2:05:42) 57.54 MB
Mary has written a whole slew of bestselling books, including Bonk, Gulp, Stiff, and Packing for Mars. In this IPA-fueled conversation, we range from bungee jumping in New Zealand to stunt flying with Tom Cruise off the coast of Malibu. Also, the best place to hide after robbing a bank.

58 - Aubrey Marcus and Whitney Miller - (1:41:43) 46.57 MB
We talk tripping jaguars, Aubrey's four fascinating parents, being a guinea pig for the Los Angeles Lakers, antibiotic-induced impotence and the spiral of death, Miss USA's vagina, and the untold (until now) story of the origin of the Fleshlight.

57 - Cindy Gallop - (1:01:03) 27.95 MB
Cindy Gallop went from a high-level position in advertising to starting companies focused on making the world a better place. She's a unique, fascinating woman, bursting with energy and intelligence. Her apartment (where this conversation took place) was a set for The Notorious B.I.G.'s music video "Nasty Girl."

55 - Ana Kasparian - (1:26:25) 39.57 MB
We range from Moby's birthday party, the perks of minor-league fame, the upside of living in LA, being up to my neck in salmon mucus, the secret to Playboy centerfolds, and requests for sperm donation. Just your average conversation, in other words.

54 - Joe Rogan & Duncan Trussell - (2:46:02) 76.01 MB
If there's anything sweeter than finding a new friend, it's becoming friends with two guys who go way back. Joe and Duncan are old pals, and I'm honored to have joined the crew. Duncan got me started on this podcasting thing (and coined my moniker: The Shame Exorcist), and Joe's generosity helped get it off the ground. I love these guys.

53 - Bruce Lisker - (1:36:59) 44.4 MB
As a 17 year-old, Bruce was sent to prison, convicted of murdering his mother. But he was innocent; something the state of California finally acknowledged over 26 years later. What more can I say?

52 - Sex Nerd Sandra - (1:31:39) 41.96 MB
To call this conversation with Sex Nerd Sandra "wide-ranging" would be like calling Nepal "hilly." We talk about being hit by lightning, how to use lube on your laptop, the truth about female ejaculation, women who name their sex toys, and whether romantic love is a human universal.

51 - Jason Goldman - (1:22:44) 37.87 MB
Dr. Jason G. Goldman is a cognitive scientist and science writer based in Los Angeles. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California, where he conducted research at the intersection of developmental psychology and animal cognition.

50 - Stanton Peele - (1:49:15) 50.02 MB
Dr. Stanton Peele is a prominent, outspoken critic of the disease model of addiction and the author of over a dozen books (most recently, Recover!: Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with The PERFECT Program). Join us for a very personal conversation about addiction, the treatment industrial complex, and the dubious joys of writing for a living.

49 - Chris Jaymes - (2:27:33) 67.55 MB
Join me in conversation with one of the most interesting guys I know. Writer, musician, director, Chris Jaymes opens up and shares amazing stories from his life, ranging from being strapped to a gurney in Boston, to meeting his mother's new boyfriend (surprise!), to digging up the bodies of tsunami victims in Thailand. This guy is LIVING.

48 - Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross - (1:47:36) 49.26 MB
Betty Dodson is a well-known pioneer in women's sexual liberation, having sold more than 1 million copies of her first book, Sex for One. Much of her fame has come from her work not only advocating masturbation, but conducting workshops for more than 30 years in which groups of about 10 or more women (and at least once a group of men) would talk, explore their own bodies, and masturbate together. She is a founder of the pro-sex feminist movement, having left behind the more traditional feminist movement because she considered it banal, antisexual and over-politicized.

47 - Thaddeus Russell - (1:53:41) 52.04 MB
Thad is the author of "A Renegade History of the United States," and teaches at Occidental College. He's also a very smart guy, full of surprises, with whom I don't always agree—but with whom I always enjoy debating! If you don't find yourself shaking your head in amazement at some of the things Thad says in this one, you get your money back.

46 - Todd Strauss-Schulson - (1:57:54) 53.97 MB
TSS was born to make movies, and that's what he does. He directed the 3D A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, as well as a whole slew of other things—many of which are hilarious short films. Check out his latest, a very funny 10-minute look at the misery of heartbreak. Dude is very talented and seriously funny.

45 - Ari Shaffir - (1:09:21) 31.75 MB
Join Ari and me in the bar at The Jane Hotel, in the West Village, where we talk about the debilitating effects of New York weed on Ari’s vocabulary, how to deal with dismissive (but hot) waitresses, what lies beyond atheism, why there are no Scientologist comics, and why you can’t get decent placebo pills at CVS anymore—among other urgent matters.

44 - Hugo Chichava - (1:20:29) 36.85 MB
Rapper, entrepreneur, and my son in law, Hugo is part of the new, vibrant Africa that is bursting with energy, creativity, and optimism.

43 - Frank Delaney - (1:29:19) 40.89 MB
He doesn't drink Mexican beer, but Frank Delaney is definitely one of the most interesting men in the world. His career includes over a dozen best-selling novels, a truck-load of non-fiction books, and a slew of articles and TV programs. Frank is smart, funny, candid, and open-hearted.

42 - Marissa - (1:35:53) 43.89 MB
Marissa was born a boy, but eventually realized she was a girl. She's still got a male side—who comes out when yard work needs doing—but has transitioned primarily to living as a woman. I felt deeply honored to have this opportunity to share Marissa's experience and insight.

41 - Dan Savage - (1:35:27) 43.7 MB
If you don't know who Dan Savage is, you haven't been paying attention. Sex advice columnist, humorist, political activist ... Dan has spent the past 22 years using his wit, smarts, and compassion to drag American culture toward equality and decency—and away from a rising tide of Santorum threatening to engulf us all (Google it—I dare you).

40 - Jamy Ian Swiss - (1:28:31) 40.52 MB
Scientist, skeptic, intellectual, magician extraordinaire ... Jamy Ian Swiss is a fascinating man. For a guy who specializes in creating illusions, Jamy has a strikingly deep love and respect for authenticity.

39 - Gabor Mate - (1:40:10) 45.85 MB
Dr. Gabor Mate is a Canadian physician and author who specializes in the treatment of addiction and mind-body interaction. He's published four bestselling books (in twenty languages) exploring attention deficit disorder, stress, developmental psychology, and addiction.

38 - Carl Hart - (1:26:44) 39.71 MB
Dr. Carl Hart is a serious man with a fascinating life. His book, High Price, tells the story of his journey from the bad part of Miami to the upper reaches of Ivy League academia. In this conversation, we talk about why drugs are so hard for our society to get real about, and how often they've been political tools used against marginalized populations and how antithetical to good research and decent society these political uses are.

37 - Dave Asprey - (1:41:33) 58.12 MB
Fifteen years ago, Dave Asprey took a look at himself and didn't like what he saw: he was about 100 pounds overweight, had chronic nosebleeds, slept poorly, and felt like crap. But unlike most of us, he had the time and financial resources to focus his considerable intelligence on his predicament. What he discovered about his own condition turned out to be applicable to the rest of us: chronic infections, fungal contamination, vitamin deficiencies, dietary craziness—you name it. Bio-hack your way to health.

36 - Tim Killian - (1:52:31) 51.51 MB
We talk sparkling water, nitrous oxide, political consulting, Mormonism, strip clubs, the war on drugs, revolution, and murses (man-bags, European carry-alls).

35 - Kim Airs - (1:51:30) 63.81 MB
Kim Airs is a sex toy entrepreneur (I had to look up the spelling), motorcycle maven, and militantly free spirit. She rode her motorcycle into the depths of Topanga Canyon to chat with me about working for Larry Summers at Harvard, cornering the market on dildos, and "flatbacking for fun and profit."

34 - Natasha Leggero - (1:34:16) 43.16 MB
Natasha is a very smart high-energy actress/comedian who's blazing a meteoric path across the Hollywood sky. We talk about everything from women's rights to dogs giving birth to Fleshlights in the shower.

33 - Moshe Kasher/Reggie Watts - (1:58:39) 54.32 MB
Man, this one ranges far and wide. We talk comedy (these dudes are hilarious), good ways to use bad words, porn in the Vatican, and what it's like to be raised by deaf parents.

32 - Conner Habib - (2:14:40) 61.65 MB
Conner Habib is a gay porn star, a scholar of human sexuality, and an evolutionary biologist with thoughtful insights on all those subjects and far more. Join us in a cloud overlooking the Pacific Ocean for this wide-ranging conversation.

31 - Ari Shaffir - (2:21:40) 64.85 MB
Comedian, Ari Shaffir and I talk about everything from Elvis, to fat Jesus, to our private fears to advice on peeing in public in this podcast that flows deep and wide as the mighty Mississippi.

30 - Duncan Trussell & Daniele Bolelli - (1:44:47) 47.97 MB
Duncan is the madman who first got me into podcasting, as well as various other kinds of trouble, so it's fitting that he and our mutual pal, Daniele help me celebrate this 30th episode of Tangentially Speaking. There must be some numerical convergence there: 3 & 30. Our friend Kyle Del Bonis joined us on the spur of the moment and although we only had 3 mics, he chipped in some of his characteristically deep shit.

29 - Baron Vaughn - (2:10:01) 59.52 MB
Baron Vaughn is a comedian and actor based in Los Angeles. He and Chris talk about comedy, acting, and growing up on the rough side of Vegas.

28 - Nina Hartley - (1:44:21) 47.8 MB
Nina Hartley is a legendary porn star, actress (Boogie Nights), sex-positive feminist, nurse, and sex educator extraordinaire. In this wide-ranging, intimate, and surprising interview, she talks about her parents' politics, studying medicine, and the nature of her own sexuality.

27 - Charlie & Liam - (1:30:28) 41.45 MB
Chris is joined by 9 year-old Charlie and 11 year-old Liam in this special episode. Both these guys are wise way beyond their years, and offer wonderful insights into what it's like to try to prepare for a trip that's already under way. In some ways, a very unusual episode. In others, it fits right in.

26 - Nica Noelle - (1:28:21) 40.48 MB
In the first of a series of interviews with high IQ porn stars, Chris is joined by Nica Noelle, who schools him on the many sub-genres of porn as well as questioning Chris' stance regarding Steven Pinker's views on prehistoric warfare. Nica also gets Chris to talk about his own time working in the porn business in Spain.

25 - Caitlin Doughty - (1:46:54) 48.97 MB
Join Chris and hipster mortician, Caitlin Doughty as they take a shameless look at things we're told to ignore: death, sex, and sexy death.

24 - Stanley Krippner - (3:04:16) 84.39 MB
Road Trip! Chris is joined by his amazing friend, 80 year-old parapsychologist, Dr. Stanley Krippner. They're heading south on Route 5, from Bakersfield to LA. Hop in.

23 - Voodoo - (1:16:39) 35.12 MB
Chris joins Voodoo in his Barcelona tattoo shop for a very tangential conversation between two old friends.

22 - Steven Oh and Malcolm Fleschner (Two Young Turks) - (1:56:00) 53.43 MB
Chris is joined by Steven Oh and Malcolm Fleschner, big shots at The Young Turks network, to talk about making TV shows, sex, the challenges of immigration, sex, and how a lottery ticket can change everything.

21 - Special Sex at Dawn Episode (B): Response to Criticism - (57:52) 26.82 MB
In this special episode, Chris and Ivan Tucakov discuss some of the downsides of writing a popular book: aggressive interviewers, personal questions, and responding to critical reviews.

20 - Special Sex at Dawn Episode - (1:17:46) 35.93 MB
A special edition in which Chris is interviewed by his friend, Ivan Tucakov about writing Sex at Dawn, dealing with criticism, and how writing a best-seller changes one's life.

19 - Charles Grob - (1:13:37) 34.03 MB
Chris is joined by Dr. Charles Grob, who researches the clinical use of psychedelic substances in patients facing terminal cancer, PTSD, and other ailments.

18 - Daniele Bolleli - (1:47:07) 49.37 MB
Chris is joined by bad-ass Italian intellectual/martial artist, Dr. Daniele Bolleli.

17 - Peter Sagal - (1:36:29) 44.19 MB
Peter Sagal is the coolest dude on NPR. He joins Chris to talk about fitness, the Constitution, and radio fame.

16 - Richard Schweid - (1:11:54) 32.93 MB
To say that Richard Schweid has varied interests would be understatement. He's published books on eels, chili peppers, Cuban cars, life after death, and cockroaches.

15 - Jaiya Ma - (1:15:52) 35.06 MB
Jaiya is an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist, author of Red Hot Touch, and the founder of New World Sex Education. She joins Dr. Chris Ryan for an informative, funny and taboo conversation on sex.

14 - Guy New York - (1:13:28) 33.65 MB
Guy New York is a thoughtful sexual adventurer on the loose in the Big Apple.

13 - Kate Bolick - (1:18:26) 35.92 MB
13 - Kate Bolick

12 - Tony Perrottet - (1:16:59) 35.58 MB
Tony Perrottet, longtime friend of Chris and author of Napoleon's Privates discuss the sexual habits on the ancient world.

11 - Reid Mihalko - (1:40:49) 46.48 MB
Dr. Chris Ryan is joined by sex geek Reid Mihalko of They go into detail on the boundaries of relationships, applying karate philosophy to sex, morality and we learn about Reid's bisexuality.

10 - Pete McCormack - (1:28:57) 41.05 MB
Chris talks about Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, and Islamic lingerie with documentary film-maker, Pete McCormack.

9 - Tracy Clark Flory - (1:23:39) 38.63 MB
Smart and seductive sex writer joins Chris to compare notes on writing about eroticism.

8 - Carsie Blanton - (1:03:49) 29.25 MB
The songwriter behind Tangentially Speaking's theme song, Carsie Blanton, joins Chris and the two talk about sexuality, her music and the episode ends nicely with a performance. Support Carsie and Dr. Chris Ryan simultaneously by purchasing her music through the Amazon widget below!

7 - Eric Berkowitz - (1:08:08) 31.21 MB
Chris talks with Eric Berkowitz, author of Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire.

6 - Andrew Weil - (1:08:23) 31.64 MB
One of America's best-known & best-loved physicians, Andrew Weil, joins Chris to chat about alternative medicine, the healing potential of altered states, and his pivotal role in changing modern medical history.

5 - Stanley Krippner - (1:18:33) 35.98 MB
Chris drops in on his pal, Dr. Stanley Krippner, one of the world's leading experts on telepathy, shamanism, and consciousness. Their conversation ranges from Brazilian ayahuasca ceremonies to the Grateful Dead's penises-and everything in between.

4 - Duncan Trussell - (1:28:06) 40.66 MB
The man who got Chris into podcasting, comedian Duncan Trussell, joins Tangentially Speaking! Stand up comedy is compared to geology. Hecklers are dissected. The conversation is a fractal and wild, Chris and Duncan attempt to bring order it.

3 - Tao Ruspoli - (58:10) 26.96 MB
This week, Christopher joins Tao Ruspoli a flamenco guitarist, Italian prince, and accomplished film-maker in Ruspoli's camper van to talk about drugs, what it's like to work with Oliver Stone, and Roman Polanski's match-making skills.

2 - Mistress Kaila Yi - (1:12:21) 33.45 MB
Dominatrix Kaila Yi presents a gripping interview on her sexuality and work then reveals some intimate if not painful details of her life.

1 - Neil Strauss - (1:13:46) 33.79 MB
Author of The Game, Neil Strauss joins Dr. Chris Ryan on the premiere episode of his podcast. They talk books and critique each others work. Subscribe on iTunes!